EVERYTHING has a place!

Getting organized can be difficult for people who work long hours, have kids, have to deal with an estate or just don’t have enough space. That’s why I live by this one golden rule: EVERYTHING HAS A PLACE! Since I was a little girl, I always had a place for everything and literally could not go to bed if everything wasn’t in its place. (OCD much?!) This philosophy is what has kept me organized for my entire life. I can walk into a room and immediately size it up, figure out the necessary space you need and create a “place” for all of those “wayward” items. Whether these items are things that you use everyday or things you never use but aren’t ready to give up, I will find a place for them. If you follow my golden rule and put everything in its place, you may never need my services again! As counterproductive as that sounds, it’s what I strive for with all of my clients. Declutter. Purge. Breathe.

Contact me at: decluttergirl@yahoo.com for a free consultation.

Published by decluttergirl

Hi, I'm Dina and I'm here to help you get organized! I love to help people organize their homes. From closets to kitchens and everything in between, I can help you get rid of things you no longer need and add more time and less stress to your everyday life. Simplicity is everything!

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